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A small historical reference

Panevezys - center of Panevezys county and Panevezys district, located in the north of Lithuania, on both banks of rivers Nevezis, a tributary of the Neman River. Date of foundation and the first written mention - September 7, 1503. At the beginning of the XV century, the church was built, commercial area, a tavern, a brewery and a sauna. In 1727 the city built a church dedicated to the Holy Trinity monastery and college - the first secondary school.

Panevezys. Factory of Lithuanian concern Maystas
Factory of Lithuanian concern "Maystas"
Panevezys. Catholic church
Catholic church
Panevezys. Mechanic mill
Mechanic mill
Panevezys. Monastery
Panevezys. Panorama of city
Panorama of city
Panevezys. Market
Panevezys. Sugar Factory in the late 30s
Sugar Factory in the late 30s

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