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A small historical reference

Mazeikiai - the center of Mazeikiai district, the Mazeikiai apilinkskogo and Reyvichyayskogo eldership, located in the northwest of the country, on the border with Latvia, on the right bank of the River Venta, on both sides of the river Aplukis. The town's name comes from the name of the city Mazeikiai Samogitian prince (the plural is Mazeikiai). The first written mention - 1529.

Sights - Pharmacy (1885), the Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit (1894), a synagogue, a Catholic church (1905), the Lutheran Church (1910), the first industrial enterprise - the recycling factory (1895), workshops for the repair of locomotives and wagons (1902) . By 1905, in the Mazeikiai working plant for processing flax and chicory, match factory, brick plant, the enterprise for the production of chocolates, soaps.

Mazeikiai. Liberty Street
Liberty Street
Mazeikiai. Panorama of city
Panorama of city

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