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Kedainiai - center of Kedainiai district and Kedainiai eldership, located in the central part of Lithuania, on the river Nevezis, in the city rivers flow into it Dotnuvele, Smilga, Obelis. The first written mention - 1372. Development of the city has gone from a small fishing village. The history of the town is closely connected with the history of the Radziwill family. The founder of the dynasty - Ostik - in the middle of the XV century on the picturesque left bank Nevezis River built a mansion. April 15, 1590 by King Sigismund III cities were granted the Magdeburg rights.

Sights - Town Hall (1654), high school (XVII century), the rectors of the house, the house steward (XVII century), the church of St. George (1445-1460), the Church of St. Joseph (1766), the temple of the Evangelical-Reformed (Calvinist) (1653) Lutheran Church (1664), a complex of two synagogues (XVII and XIX century), the Church of the Transfiguration (1854), Minaret (1880).

Kedainiai. Manor of Totleben
Manor of Totleben
Kedainiai. Kedainiai in XIX century
Kedainiai in XIX century

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