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A small historical reference

Locality known since 1226, the castle of the Livonian Order was founded in 1265. At that time, he received his first German title - Mitau (germ. Mitau), in the Russian and Polish versions - Mitau (pol. Mitawa). In 1573 Mitau acquired the rights of the city and its coat of arms. In the same year it was built the first Lutheran church - the Cathedral of the Holy. Trinity, and later a second Lutheran Church St. Anne. In 1640 the king of Poland ordered the Duke of Courland to build a Catholic church. During the reign of Duke Jacob Kettler Mitau reached its heyday: the capital is the only act in the duchy mint was built a printing house, a hospital, a pharmacy and several industrial manufactories. In 1648, around the town were built earthworks dug ditches and ramparts were built, and in 1664 was dug channel connecting the river Driksa and the light and provides the city with fresh water. In the 17-18 centuries in Mitau in the Catholic Church acted only Jesuit mission and school.

In 1578-1795 Mitau was the capital of the Duchy of Courland, and later (1796-1920) Courland. In December 1792 in Mitau riots broke out - "revolt millers' uprising urban poor, depressed by artillery. In 1795, the town became part of the Russian Empire. During this period, a short time he lived in Mitau exiled King Louis XVIII. In 1799 he paid a visit to Alexander Suvorov, coming through Mitau to Vienna, where he was to take command of the Russian-Austrian army.

Jelgava. Academy Petrina
Academy Petrina
Jelgava. Church of St. Johannes
Church of St. Johannes
Jelgava. Dragoon barracks
Dragoon barracks
Jelgava. Dvortsovaya street
Dvortsovaya street
Jelgava. Palace Valdek
Palace Valdek
Jelgava. Catholic street
Catholic street
Jelgava. Catholic church
Catholic church
Jelgava. Boat jetty on the river Driksa
Boat jetty on the river Driksa
Jelgava. Shop radio Osenieksa
Shop radio Osenieksa
Jelgava. Mitau on the picture 1720
Mitau on the picture 1720
Jelgava. The bridge at theater
The bridge at theater
Jelgava. Bridge
Jelgava. Quay Driksas
Quay Driksas
Jelgava. Hotel Kurland
Hotel "Kurland"
Jelgava. Hotel Kurland
Hotel "Kurland"
Jelgava. Panorama of city
Panorama of city
Jelgava. City Hall and the Lutheran Church
City Hall and the Lutheran Church
Jelgava. Real college
Real college
Jelgava. Synagogue
Jelgava. Cathedral of St. Simeon and Anna
Cathedral of St. Simeon and Anna
Jelgava. Old City Hall
Old City Hall and the Church of the Holy Trinity
Jelgava. Theater
Jelgava. Street in Mitau
Street in Mitau
Jelgava. View from the park
View from the park

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