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History of city Bulduri (Bilderlingsgof) in photos

A small historical reference

Bulduri - a part of the Riga beach and stopping point of Jurmala, located 20 km from Riga, the holiday village. The station serves the cottagers and residents. The station opened in 1877, called by the name of the owner of the estate Johanna Buldrinka (Bulderinga) was called Bilderlingskhof. Since 1919 it called Bulduri.

This is one of the first suburban area of Riga seaside - its construction started in 40-ies of the XIX century. In 1875, it was built for about 400 cottages. In 1910, the former estate of Bulduri was founded the first school of horticulture in Latvia. On the territory of today's horticultural college is also Bulduri Dendrological Park.

Bulduri. Kurhaus, thermal baths
Kurhaus, thermal baths
Bulduri. Forest avenue
Forest avenue
Bulduri. Bridge over the River Aa
Bridge over the River Aa
Bulduri. Bridge over the River Aa
Bridge over the River Aa
Bulduri. Hotel Bilderlingskhof
Hotel "Bilderlingskhof"
Bulduri. Stroll
Bulduri. Sea view
Sea view
Bulduri. Railroad station
Railroad station

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