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History of city Aloja (Allendorf) in photos

A small historical reference

Aloja - a small town in the province Aloyskom Latvia, located in the north of the country. The first written mention - 1449.

Attractions - Lutheran Church (built in 1776), the museum of the life and work of the poet Auseklis, history Aloyskogo District and famous people of the region. In the vicinity of Aloi in 1937 is known starch factory.

Aloja. The altar of the Lutheran Church
The altar of the Lutheran Church
Aloja. Milk workshop
Milk workshop
Aloja. Panorama of city, 1925
Panorama of city, 1925
Aloja. Panorama of city, 1926
Panorama of city, 1926
Aloja. Panorama of city
Panorama of city
Aloja. The parish council of directors and businessmen
The parish council of directors and businessmen
Aloja. Wedding in the church
Wedding in the church

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