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History of city Aralsk, Kyzylorda region in photos

A small historical reference

Aralsk - city in Kyzylorda region, center of Aral district. Date of establishment - 1905. On the territory of the city is a railway station "Aral Sea" (railway Arys I - Kandagach), with which the removal of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate, the development of which are located near the village of Aral-sulfat. In 1905, the Russian merchants Lapshin, Ritkin, Krasilnikov, Makeev organized large fishing unions and created a joint-stock company "Khiva" in Aralsk, initiating industrial fishing in the Aral Sea.

In Soviet times, in Aralsk there were three closed military town: Aralsk - 5 ( "Ural") in the south of the city, Aralsk - 6 ( "Seagull") and the Aralsk - 8 ( "Birch") in 6 km to the north-west of the city, near railway station Zhalgyzagash. Designation Aralsk - 7 wore military camp Kantubek at the site "Dune" (at Renaissance Island in the Aral Sea). Housed in the town of "Ural" military units were functionally linked to the military biochemical testing ground "Dune" on the Isle of Renaissance, town "Chaika" referred to the Strategic Rocket Forces, in the town of "Birch" was stationed aviation squadron.

Aralsk. Port
Aralsk. Port, receiving-transport vessel 'Leo Berg', circa 1960
Port, receiving-transport vessel "Leo Berg", circa 1960
Aralsk. Veshala - sheds for drying fish
Veshala - sheds for drying fish
Aralsk. The area in front of the train station, 1910
The area in front of the train station, 1910

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