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A small historical reference

Aktau - a city in the south-west of Kazakhstan, the regional center of Mangistau region (formerly Mangyshlak). Formerly called the settlement Aktausky, Aktau, Shevchenko, Guryev-20. Date of foundation of the city - 1961. In the city a unique complex that included the extraction of uranium ore has been created, its processing and on-site enrichment. Interesting fact - in town with street names, almost the same as in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Aktau port is located on the east coast of the Caspian Sea and is the only port in Kazakhstan. Sights of Aktau is a lighthouse located on the roof of the house (the only of its kind in the European part). Near the town, at a short distance, there is the largest uranium mine in the world, developed by open pit.

Aktau. House of Soviets, 1974
House of Soviets, 1974
Aktau. Hotel 'Aktau'
Hotel "Aktau"
Aktau. Dormitories (folk name -
Dormitories (folk name - "Three heroes")
Aktau. Panorama of the city, the construction of a department store
Panorama of the city, the construction of a department store

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