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History of city Kohtla-Järve, Ida-Viru County in photos

A small historical reference

The first mention of the village Järve (where it is called Jeruius) in Danish land book refers to 1241. The current part of the city Kukruse was first mentioned in 1241, too (Kukarus), and Sompa - in 1420 (Soenpe).

Perhaps, on the site of the current Kohtla-Jarve and there would be no city, if not the oil shale deposits which are quite significant in these parts. In 1919, the Association "State Shale Industry" has been created in the Republic of Estonia. Slate was mined as an underground, in mines and open way, that is, the shale sections. Near the mines and settlements grew cuts. In 1924, not far from the railway station of Kohtla plant for the production of shale oil was built. Next to him, I began to grow a working village, named Kohtla-Jarve. In the mid-1930s, it included several working quarters - Kyava, Vahekyula, Pavandu. Kohtla-Jarve received city status in 1946.

Kohtla-Järve. Night fountain
Night fountain
Kohtla-Järve. Cinema 'Victory'
Cinema "Victory"
Kohtla-Järve. View of the city
View of the city
Kohtla-Järve. Panorama of the mine
Panorama of the mine
Kohtla-Järve. Children's community
Children's community
Kohtla-Järve. Grade school
Grade school
Kohtla-Järve. A new school in the district Ahtme
A new school in the district Ahtme
Kohtla-Järve. A working settlement
A working settlement
Kohtla-Järve. Plant processing slate
Plant processing slate
Kohtla-Järve. Thermal power plant
Thermal power plant
Kohtla-Järve. Panorama of city
Panorama of city

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