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History of village Keila-Joa, Harju County in photos

A small historical reference

Keila-Joa - a village in the Parish of Keila Harju County, located in northern Estonia, on the river Keila. The first written mention - 1555. There was a water mill, later, in the XVII century, next to the mill was established aristocratic manor (manor - detached manor with the economy, the estate). In 1827 the manor bought Alexander Benkendorf and built on the site of the old homestead a new, better known as the Castle Phalle. Daughter Alexandra, Maria Volkonskaia opened in Joa school for children of employees of the estate. The school was located in the building of the restaurant.

Sights - Castle Fall waterfall Keila height of 6 meters. Interesting fact - during the Second World War, from March 1942 to September 1944, in a building of the manor was the Abwehr intelligence school "Camp №2".

Keila-Joa. Bas-relief
Keila-Joa. Lviv bridge
Lviv bridge
Keila-Joa. Lviv bridge, until 1917
Lviv bridge, until 1917
Keila-Joa. Monument
Monument to Christopher Ivanovich and Anna-Juliana Benkendorf
Keila-Joa. One of diplomatic receptions
One of diplomatic receptions in Falle
Keila-Joa. Manor 'Fall'
Manor "Fall"
Keila-Joa. Manor 'Fall'
Manor "Fall"
Keila-Joa. Manor 'Fall'
Manor "Fall" of count A H Benkendorf
Keila-Joa. Castle Falle
Castle Falle, picture

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