Old photos of Byerazino (Berezino), Minsk Region
Flag of Berezino

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History of city Byerazino (Berezino), Minsk Region in photos

A small historical reference

Berezino - center Berezinskii district, Minsk region, located to the east of the capital (100 km), on the Berezina river. Date of the first written mention - 1501. The settlement was founded as a transit point and trading center on the river.

Sights - Count Potocki house (the beginning of XIX century); beautiful distillery, built in 1892 in the style of industrial eclecticism.

Berezino. Marketplace
Berezino. Polozhenskaya street
Polozhenskaya street
Berezino. Alcohol plant
Alcohol plant
Berezino. Manor of Potocki, 1929
Manor of Potocki, 1929

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