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History of city Byaroza (Bereza-Kartuzskaya), Brest Region in photos

A small historical reference

Byaroza - center Berezovsky district, Brest region, located in the south-west of the country, on the river Yaselda. Date of the first written mention - 1477. At the end of the XV century it became a trading town, the city received a charter and the right to hold weekly fairs. Between 1538 and 1600 - a major center of Calvinism.

In 1871, near the town was laid railway Warsaw - Moscow, connecting the city with the neighboring major cities of Brest-Litovsk and Smolensk. In 1878 the town had seven streets and about 200 homes. The population of the town and surrounding area was about 5 000 people. The city acted Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and some Jewish synagogues. The town was part of the so-called "Pale of Settlement" and was inhabited by Jews resettled from other parts of the Russian Empire. In the early 30-ies of the XX century they accounted for 53% of the city population.

Byaroza. Catholic church, 1933
Catholic church, 1933
Byaroza. Church of the Carthusian
Church of the Carthusian
Byaroza. Berezovsky monastery at the beginning of the XX century
Berezovsky monastery at the beginning of the XX century
Byaroza. Synagogue
Byaroza. Trade area
Trade area
Byaroza. Street Shosseynaya
Street Shosseynaya

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