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Geography: Port Lincoln - is a city on the lower Eyre Peninsula in the Australian state of South Australia. It is situated on the shore of Boston Bay, which opens eastward into Spencer Gulf. It is the largest city in the West Coast region, and is located approximately 280 km as the crow flies from the State's capital city of Adelaide (646 km by road). The city is reputed to have the most millionaires per capita in Australia. The town claims to be the "Seafood Capital of Australia". (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1839

History: Matthew Flinders was the first European to discover Port Lincoln under his commission by the British Admiralty to chart Australia's unexplored coastline. On 25 February 1802, Flinders sailed his exploration vessel HMS Investigator into the harbour, which he later named Port Lincoln after his native county of Lincolnshire in England.

Population: 16 147

Port Lincoln. Court House and Police Station
Court House and Police Station, stands on the corner of Washington Street and Adelaide Place, 1870
Port Lincoln. Grand Hotel, 1930
Grand Hotel, 1930
Port Lincoln. Group of ornithologists
Group of ornithologists from the Australasian Ornithologists' Union outside Post Office, October 1909
Port Lincoln. Liverpool Street, 1890
Liverpool Street, on the left - Methodist Church (erected 1867), 1890
Port Lincoln. Pier Hotel on Tasman Terrace
Pier Hotel on Tasman Terrace, 1873
Port Lincoln. Post office and Institute
Post office and Institute, 1907
Port Lincoln. Roman Catholic Church
Roman Catholic Church St Mary's, 1917
Port Lincoln. Ships at the jetty
Ships at the jetty, circa 1920
Port Lincoln. St. Thomas Church of England
St. Thomas Church of England, 1872
Port Lincoln. Stirling's Blacksmith shop
Stirling's Blacksmith shop in Lewis Street, circa 1900
Port Lincoln. Tasman Terrace, 1887
Tasman Terrace, 1887
Port Lincoln. Tasman Terrace, 1940
Tasman Terrace, 1940
Port Lincoln. Tasman Terrace, looking north
Tasman Terrace, looking north, 1911
Port Lincoln. Tasman Terrace, looking south
Tasman Terrace, looking south, 1890
Port Lincoln. View of Tasman Terrace
View of Tasman Terrace, on the right - 'Hotel Corner' with the 'Pier Hotel', 1885
Port Lincoln. View of the railway yards
View of the railway yards and station, 1911

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