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Geography: Murray Bridge - is a city in the Australian state of South Australia, located 76 kilometres (47 mi) east-southeast of the state's capital city, Adelaide, and 77 kilometres (48 mi) north of the town of Meningie. The city has an estimated urban population of 17,921 at June 2015.[1] making the city the fifth most populous urban area in the state.

The city was originally known as Mobilong and later as Edwards Crossing, before being renamed as Murray Bridge in 1924; deriving its name from the road and railway crossings over the Murray River. The city is situated on the Princes Highway, the main road transport link between Adelaide and Melbourne.

The city services a farming area including dairy, pigs, chickens, cereal crops and vegetables (including "stay crisp lettuces"). (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1924


Population: 17 921


Murray Bridge. A view of the butter factory
A view of the butter factory, circa 1930
Murray Bridge. Bridge, first road
Bridge, first road, circa 1940
Murray Bridge. Bridge workers
Bridge workers, circa 1875
Murray Bridge. Fire Station, 1953
Fire Station, 1953
Murray Bridge. Flour mill, 1920
Flour mill at Murray Bridge East, 1920
Murray Bridge. Lyric Theatre, 1933
Lyric Theatre, 1933
Murray Bridge. Main Street, 1928
Main Street, 1928
Murray Bridge. Memorial Hospital, 1923
Memorial Hospital, 1923
Murray Bridge. Primary School, 1953
Primary School, School children in yard, 1953
Murray Bridge. Railway Station, 1933
Railway Station, 1933
Murray Bridge. Railway Station, 1933
Railway Station, 1933
Murray Bridge. The 'Corowa', circa 1900
The 'Corowa', moored at the Murray Bridge wharf, circa 1900
Murray Bridge. Town Hall, 1953
Town Hall, 1953
Murray Bridge. Train, circa 1935
Train, circa 1935
Murray Bridge. View of the Bridge Street, 1924
View of the Bridge Street, 1924
Murray Bridge. View of the Main Street, 1926
View of the Main Street, 1926

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