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Geography: Meekatharra is a town in the Mid West region of Western Australia. Meekatharra is a Yamatji word meaning 'place of little water'. Meekatharra is a major supply centre for the pastoral and mining area in the Murchison region of Western Australia. It is located 764 km north-east of Perth and may be reached by the Great Northern Highway. It is a centre for sheep and cattle transshipment, initially by rail but now by road trains. It is also a regional home to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the School of the Air. It is connected by public transport to Geraldton with connections to Perth via Transwa coach service N4. No viable horticultural industry exists in the area, although extensive but poor cattle stations in the Murchison and Gascoyne exist.

History: Meekatharra is a former gold rush town. It seems the first settlement at Meekatharra occurred in 1894 and that, in May 1896, after the prospectors Meehan, Porter and Soich discovered gold, miners moved to the new settlement from the other East Murchison fields and mining grew rapidly in scale and sophistication. The Peak Hill mining town was founded in 1892 approximately 100 km up the road during this initial gold rush.

Date of foundation: between 1894 and 1896

Population: 812

Meekatharra. A deserted Main Street
A deserted Main Street, circa 1914
Meekatharra. Camel teams haul mine machinery through Main Street, 1910
Camel teams haul mine machinery through Main Street, 1910
Meekatharra. Main Street, 1924
Main Street, 1924
Meekatharra. Main Street, circa 1945
Main Street, circa 1945
Meekatharra. Main Street
Main Street
Meekatharra. Mens posing in Ford car, 1919
Mens posing in Ford car, 1919
Meekatharra. Panorama of village street
Panorama of Main village street, between 1920-1930
Meekatharra. Post Office, 1939
Post Office, 1939

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