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A small historical reference


Date of foundation: in 1670 as Charles Town

History: The town was burned by the Spanish in 1684 during one of their frequent wars with the English. It was rebuilt and renamed to Nassau in 1695 under Governor Nicholas Trott in honour of the Dutch Stadtholder and later also King of England, Scotland and Ireland, William III from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau. The name Nassau derives from the House of Nassau and ultimately from the town of Nassau, Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany.

Population: 274 400


Nassau. George Street
George Street, panorama of Government House
Nassau. Market Street
Market Street
Nassau. Rawson Square
Rawson Square
Nassau. Silk Cotton tree
Silk Cotton tree
Nassau. The Arch
The Arch
Nassau. The Public Square
The Public Square, between 1900 and 1910
Nassau. The Queen's Staircase
The Queen's Staircase
Nassau. Victoria Avenue
Victoria Avenue

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