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History of city Vilani (Welonen) region Latgale in photos

A small historical reference

Vilani - Center Vilani region, located on the east of Latvia, Latgale, on the River Malta. The first written mention - 1495. Previous name - Velony (Wielona). By the middle of XIX century in the city working sawmill, spinning flax plant for the leather industry, the mills and much more.

Attractions - Roman Catholic Church of St. Michelis, Vilani manor.

Vilani. Factory of Jankowski, 1879
Factory of Jankowski, 1879
Vilani. Panorama of city, 1921
Panorama of city, 1921
Vilani. The manor
The manor
Vilani. Staging Latgalian summer, 1976
Staging "Latgalian summer", 1976
Vilani. Station, 1928
Station Vilani, 1928

Countries of World | Cities of Latvia

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