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History of city Livani (Livenhof) region Latgale in photos

A small historical reference

Livani - Livanese Center region, until 1917 Livenhof (Lievenhof), located in eastern Latvia, in Latgale on the right bank of the River Daugava (Western Dvina) at the confluence of the river Dubna in the Daugava River. The first written mention of the settlement of merchants and craftsmen Dubna - 1289. Home towns of Livani due to the year 1533, when the local German landlord Lieven founded the village and named it after himself - Lievenhof. In 1677, Livani had been transferred to the Polish magnate Leonard Pokidzha. Being a Catholic, in 1678 he built the first Catholic church. In 1824, Livani receive the status of the town, in 1926 - the status of the city.

Livani. Railroad station
Railroad station
Livani. Market, 1930
Market, 1930
Livani. Commercial School
Commercial School

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