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A small historical reference


Date of foundation: IX century BC


Population: 1 056 247


Tunis. A bazaar
A bazaar, circa 1890
Tunis. A Bedouin woman
A Bedouin woman, circa 1890
Tunis. Arabs leaving mosque
Arabs leaving mosque, circa 1890
Tunis. Bab Suika-Suker Square
Bab Suika-Suker Square, circa 1890
Tunis. Bardo, the lion staircase
Bardo, the lion staircase, circa 1890
Tunis. Bardo, the throne room
Bardo, the throne room, circa 1890
Tunis. Bardo, tribunal chamber
Bardo, tribunal chamber, circa 1890
Tunis. Bedchamber of the late Bey of Tunis, Kasr-el-Said, circa 1890
Bedchamber of the late Bey of Tunis
Tunis. Bedouin beggars and children
Bedouin beggars and children, circa 1890
Tunis. Couscous sellers and an Arab cafe
Couscous sellers and an Arab cafe, circa 1890
Tunis. Ebony market
Ebony market, circa 1890
Tunis. French Gate
French Gate, circa 1890
Tunis. Group before Bab Aleona
Group before Bab Aleona, circa 1890
Tunis. Group of wandering Arabs
Group of wandering Arabs, circa 1890
Tunis. Kasbah market
Kasbah market, circa 1890
Tunis. Mahomedia
Mahomedia (the lost town), circa 1890

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